July 31, 2017

I've been cooking up a baby for about seven months now and I'm a little sad to say the nursery is almost complete.  I ended up forgoing the $400 round wall shelf in favor of some cheaper Ikea wood wall brackets and saved where I could with the help of Craigslist.  Time and time again I have been told by my Mom friends not to spend too much on a nursery that the baby will be growing out of before I know it.  Did I spend too much of cute sheets and baby clothes, of course, how could I not.  But for the crib, rocker, and rug I did some major online sleuthing and managed to get the high end look with out the price tag.

Sources for my nursery 1. mobile 2. rocking chair (found on craigslist for $30) 3. ulm crib 4. oak circle shelf  5. woven basket 6. woven rug

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