December 13, 2011

My friend Helen recently moved into a new place and was on the hunt for a simple, low profile bed frame.  When the usual places didn't have what she was looking for she opted for this DIY platform bed made of shipping pallets.  The perfect boho bedroom for a Venice surfer girl if you ask me.  Bt-dubs love the coverlet.  Check out Helen's blog here. 


December 06, 2011

Sooo...I promised myself I wouldn't go to the Steven Alan sample sale...note to on will power.  I did manage to get away with only one shirt.
Ok and maybe a liberty print bra to wear with all my high waisted pants/shorts come summer but seriously for only $10?  I mean geez!


December 02, 2011

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December 01, 2011

Reclaimed wood indoor swings at deKor (one of my favorite design stores in Echo Park) make me dream of moving to a house where the ceilings aren't made of crumbly plaster that barely hold a light day...

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