March 31, 2011

BBQ weather is here!  My man was out of town for his real birthday last week so this weekend I'll be throwing him a birthday BBQ party.  So far I'm thinking grilled salad (maybe chicories), buffalo burgers, and grilled ahi skewers, oh and tons of grilled veggies and all that I'm hungry.


March 18, 2011

They somehow made the large rustic table and Hans Wegner wishbone chair combo look fresh and new in this


March 15, 2011

working on my website...more to come soon!


March 09, 2011

flowers in the bedroom + happy sunny morning


March 08, 2011

I saw The Kids Are Alright a few weeks ago and can't get the sunny, relaxed, masculine Echo Park bungalow of Mark Ruffalo's character Paul out of my head.  I want a sunny bungalow!


March 07, 2011

Pretty much the only thing I don't like about this studio apartment is the strange dog sculpture...otherwise...sigh...I want to live here.


March 03, 2011

I've been getting a lot of comments on my banner so I thought I should let y'all know who made it for me.  My friend Jenn is not only a super talented graphic designer, she's also part of The Lonely Wild (from a few music monday's ago).  You can check out her work here!


March 01, 2011

Loving the light wood and clean lines of the Starling chair.  I recently purchased a wegner-esque rope chair with a light wood finish and decided it would be a good idea to sand the dark stain off my existing mid-century chair to match. (Note to anyone about to attempt this; it's not fun or easy, I only got to the arms and threw in the sander so to speak).  Anywho I will finish the sanding but I'd much rather grab this guy, throw a sheep skin on it and call it a day! 

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