April 17, 2013

Hey guys!  My friend Nicole is involved in a competition to better LA and I think her group's idea is super pimp.  If you have time check out the link and vote!  Here are a few words from her...

GOOD Magazine is hosting LA2050, encouraging the city's designers and community activists to re-imagine the city for the year 2050. It's a competition y'all and the River LAnding Collective needs your VOTE! The project proposes to totally re envision the way we view the Los Angeles River, one small step at a time. It's an awesome project and has the potential to make serious change for the river and the city of Los Angeles. Imagine the river as a public amenity for all of LA!!! Like the mountains and the beach, the Los Angeles River has major potential to be experienced and explored like a natural river should! We have a RIVER running through our city! Let's celebrate it!! Here's the link to watch the project video and cast your vote

Hurry!!! Voting ends Wednesday at noon!!!!!


April 11, 2013

I'm pretty into salads lately as I'm trying to get a bodacious summer bod (say that with a straight face).  My new favorite salad is chickpea and spinach with shaved red onion, mint, chili flakes, and lemon zest dressing.  Its super fresh and delicious and you don't feel hungry afterwords.  Anywho I was searching around for other ideas and I found this lovely recipe.  Enjoy!


April 02, 2013

A new local line based on clean modern silhouettes and quality silks and cottons?  You had me at hello.  I was lucky enough to get a little sneak peak at Axthelm's new collection and let me tell you, I love. I plan to wear my new white silk dress (pictured in the middle) just about everyday come summer. 

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