My friend Patrick Fraser shot this wonderful portrait of local floral designer Alice Goldsmith of Wild Vase. She makes some pretty lovely arrangements. Sorry if the blog has been a bit wedding-y lately.  It'll stop soon I promise.


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I have an ugly pergola (if you can even call it that) off the back of my house.  It's pretty much just a bunch of rotting wood held to the house by nails, yes NAILS, topped with corrugated plastic roofing.  It's super ghetto, all I can think about when I'm in the back yard is what I can replace it with.  After tons of research I think I've found the perfect solution in a simple modern wood structure that would work well with the Spanish style of the houses' exterior.  I'd also love to replace my single door with glass french doors, but it's just a rental...which doesn't really mean anything to me so I'll probably end up doing that some time down the road.


New swimsuit love.


Light + bright.


Some styling I did for a friend who has many many things...


Wishing I didn't already have my wedding dress just about now...


I've long been in search of the perfect (dare I saw chic) dog bed and these ones might be it...


Kitchen as a room.


If you need to figure out whats going on in fashion or just wanna see my cute little sister modeling and stuff check out her new blog Middle Sister General, and while you're there pop on over to her Etsy shop by the same name and buy some well curated vintage.  End of shameless plug.


Gorgeous furniture by Punt.


You guys!  I've been terribly busy with life in general and really with planning my wedding.  I'm so excited to be getting married to my best friend and having a day to celebrate together with all of our friends and families, but oy vey I had no idea it would be this much work!  I have tried to stay very zen about the whole process but hate to admit that I've become one of those stressed out girls I never thought I would be.  The whole process is just so overwhelming and honestly there isn't a day that goes by that I'm not stressing about some detail.  Don't even get me started on that checklist from the knot, it's brought me to tears more times than I care to admit.  
Of course I have no shortage of friends who have offered their help and advice, make lists, delegate (I need to learn how to delegate) and remember that even if not everything comes out perfectly, the day  of I won't even care.  It all makes perfect sense...in theory.   I know I sound like a little brat and am embarrassed to even put this out there but it is what it is and I'm sure there are other ladies going through this same thing and at least they can know they aren't alone.  
That's the real reason I've been MIA lately...that and the fact that I can't stop shopping for wedding outfits...I know, I know, stop it right now.  But how cute is this outfit for a rehearsal dinner. Ha!



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Cool beach vibes for a not so cool day.


Great collection of home wares from Lily & Oscar.

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