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Last week while I was running all over town in search of the perfect coffee table for a client, I happened upon Proof Bakery in Atwater Village.  I picked up a quick little sandwich with fromage blanc, heirloom tomatoes, and I forget what else but YUM!  Anywho I can't wait to go back so I can actually sit there and enjoy a fresh chocolate croissant and a hot cup of tea.


Saturday's at the Farmers Market
Last Saturday I managed to convince Justin to bring his camera to the farmers market, so after a long hiatus here's another little snippet of our Saturday.  This week the big harvest seemed to be heirloom tomatoes and squash, so thats what we got.  As always the fish was really fresh, the round green summer squash was loaded with flavor, oh and omg the "sweet peppers" (those twisty ones) were super amazing grilled with a little olive oil and sea salt. Sorry no pics of the dinner, we ate it up too fast!  


Back to Saturday's at the Farmers Market.  We always go but recently haven't been taking any pictures.  Anywho we went to Barbrix this weekend for Justin's birthday and got so inspired by the amazing flavors and simplicity of each dish we decided to have our own little "tapas-esque" Sunday dinner with all our fresh ingredients.  

On the menu
Baby artichoke w/ garlic dijon aioli dip
Creamy chive mashed potatoes (chives from our garden yay!)
Yellow chard sauteed w/ ginger and shallots
Lemon dill marinated wild shrimp (OMG sooo good)

p.s. don't pay attention to the obvious lack of pretty table settings, we were starved.


What a fantastic Sunday!  After riding our bikes down to Forage for Blue Bottle Coffee (Justin is obsessed) and chamomile lavender cake with mascarpone frosting, we grabbed the dog and went for a hike in sunny Elysian Park.

photos by justin kane
For dinner we used all ingredients from our trip to the farmers market. First course: seared scallop salad with red onion, fennel and baby greens tossed with a orange muscat champagne vinaigrette. Second course: mustard caper and lemon crusted swordfish over pea tendrils with roasted creamer potatoes.  Yummy yummy yum.  A delicious end to a great weekend with my man.


Saturdays at the Farmers Market Part 2

photos by justin kane
More pics of the living wall at the corner of Sunset and Maltman.  I was going to try and get more information on the process but the head guy wasn't there.  So according to me...the building looks like it was covered with what seems to be large sheets of dryer lint type stuff, maybe recycled denim, they then covered that in a gray fuzzy material, measured and cut slots in it, filled the slots with soil and then put in the plant.  I know, I know it's all very scientific, let me know if I used to many big words.  snort.
Saturdays at the Farmers Market Part 1
photos by justin kane
Sun sun sun here it comes! It's a beautiful day in Silverlake. I cheated and drove there today because I had to pick up some flowers for the hors devours table at my dad's opening tonight, and that big ass basket for my sister.  We'll be having fresh halibut and japanese broccoli for dinner tomorrow night. I will post the pictures as soon as that happens.


Saturdays at the Farmers Market Part 2

photos by justin kane
While leaving the Farmers Market we came across an outdoor living wall being installed by Jamescapes.  The new space is going to be a hair salon/massage place/art gallery on the inside. How neat.
Saturdays at the Farmers Market Part 1
Oh 'Saturdays at the Farmers Market.' It was so hot yesterday that after riding our bikes the itty bitty four city blocks I broke a sweat and felt nauseous (maybe it was the cheap wine I drank the night before, but for the point of the story lets say it was the heat).  Anywho we filled our tote with green veggies, which we didn't cook yet because we went to Dusty's last night, and rode of again into the scorching heat. 
***Sunday night's dinner, poached egg over sauteed mushrooms, baby bock choy, and lentils. I love lentils.***
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