November 15, 2011

This house makes me actually want to go to the snow, and that's saying something.


November 15, 2011

 photos by pascal shirley
A peek inside a residence I recently finished decorating... 

music monday

November 14, 2011

real estate // days
Music for when you're driving home in traffic and you just want to zone out.

It's Real by Real Estate on Grooveshark


November 11, 2011

Just snagged these necklaces by Alyson Fox from FAB!  


November 09, 2011

These chairs are killing me!  I'm not normally a huge fan of large scale pops of color but OM-Goodness I can't get over these fancy pants 70s style chairs.


November 03, 2011

Gorgeous home wears from Dunlin, also friends and family I'd love to get any of these for my upcoming birthday (super obvious wink)!

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