September 30, 2011

Speaking of that awesome lamp above....the half nelson lamp is now on my ever growing wish list.

farmers market

September 29, 2011

Last week while I was running all over town in search of the perfect coffee table for a client, I happened upon Proof Bakery in Atwater Village.  I picked up a quick little sandwich with fromage blanc, heirloom tomatoes, and I forget what else but YUM!  Anywho I can't wait to go back so I can actually sit there and enjoy a fresh chocolate croissant and a hot cup of tea.


September 28, 2011

I'd love to cuddle up with a book in this space, or that magazine will do...

music monday

September 27, 2011

CANT // dreams come true
I admit it, I've been a pretty terrible blogger lately.  To make up for it here's the whole album from Chris Taylor's solo project CANT...and Music Monday on a Tuesday, I know.

Too Late Too Far by Cant on Grooveshark


September 21, 2011

Couches are hard.  I've been searching for the perfect couch for years and still haven't found "the one." Granted I change my mind and my house around every few months...  Anywho,  I was flipping through the Cassina catalogue and I think I might have fallen deep deeeeeep in love with the Toot sofa, and not just because the name makes me giggle. 


September 13, 2011

I saw this kitchen in the latest issue of Dwell and my jaw literally dropped.  The open shelves, the white orbit chandelier, the sleek stainless steel appliances mixed with the rustic dining table. Love!  Oh and what a cute little hipster couple.

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