Hey guys!  My friend Nicole is involved in a competition to better LA and I think her group's idea is super pimp.  If you have time check out the link and vote!  Here are a few words from her...

GOOD Magazine is hosting LA2050, encouraging the city's designers and community activists to re-imagine the city for the year 2050. It's a competition y'all and the River LAnding Collective needs your VOTE! The project proposes to totally re envision the way we view the Los Angeles River, one small step at a time. It's an awesome project and has the potential to make serious change for the river and the city of Los Angeles. Imagine the river as a public amenity for all of LA!!! Like the mountains and the beach, the Los Angeles River has major potential to be experienced and explored like a natural river should! We have a RIVER running through our city! Let's celebrate it!! Here's the link to watch the project video and cast your vote

Hurry!!! Voting ends Wednesday at noon!!!!!


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