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All this rainy weather makes me wanna break out my faux-fur coat and black leggings like these stylish ladies.  The only thing is my coat is similar to the bottom one and makes me look a bit like a prostitute.  If I'm looking for something more like the top coat is it okay to buy a  real fur coat if its vintage?


jackie said...

hi. just wanted to say i really love your blog! so many posts i can totally
relate to. i think i just read like every post in one sitting! fun!
congrats on getting on the remoldelista list!

F▲YE... said...

thanks so much jackie! and thanks for taking the time to go through the whole thing, you deserver a medal! it's so great to hear that my random ramblings are actually out there being read! you made my day :)

Melissa "JeNeSeQua" said...

love your blog! Im inspired and also relaxed looking at your organic+glamourous photos and style. On the fur if its vintage - i have many vintage pieces that were handed down to me from my grandmother, of which she collected from her travels in Europe in the 50's-60's and they are my favorites coats/vests/accessories. Im afraid to wear them domestically, but I took one to Paris and it seemed to fit right in. I hear you on is it ok? I live in Seattle and wore one out and got many a evil eye from passerby's so I store them until I have the chance to travel again!

tizzylish said...

I would never wear fur, period. I even have a hard time wearing fake fur...but I love the look, I just do not get off wearing something dead on my shoulders....
Great blog....used to live in LA now Paris...life is tough.


cookie said...

there is nothing as fabulous as fur - vintage fur. it's like you're giving it a second life, or third....it's totally ok. i wear all kinds of it, all the time.

amy bell said...

i also inherited several vintage fur pieces from both of my grandmothers when they passed, and i think it's totes fine to wear them, although i live in austin, so i rarely get to. however, i usually indulge and wear them out on NYE (even if it's warm out). i've gotten shit only once from some drunk girl. whatevs. they're 50+ year old pieces, and they're amazing and need to be celebrated. go for it.

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