August 21, 2012

I saw the Grace lamp at Environment awhile back and I couldn't stop thinking about it.  I loved how whimsical it was while still coming across as modern and clean, so I was shocked when I saw that Ikea ripped it of almost exactly...shame on you Ikea, shame...

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  1. Hi Faye. I have been following your post guite some time now. I like your music posts alot. We have similar taste what comes to music. This is not the only object that Ikea has stealed. It is irritating, but business is business.

  2. Do you have any evidence that environment had their lamp before ikea made theirs? I've seen accusations like this be retracted after a little bit of research. Often, both objects are inspired by the same source, which is usually some culture in general (in this case, I do think I've spotted this type of lamp in a lot of Japanese design).

  3. While I do like things from Ikea....this just looks like a vacuum cleaner bag (not at all inspiring).


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