September 17, 2013

I realized I haven't shared anything having to do with my casa since I moved back in May, so here's a little peak.

I took down the ugly/falling apart/half painted upper cabinets in the kitchen and put up open shelving from Ikea (I'm just renting after all) and man oh man has it opened up the space.  I've also painted the dark brown lower cabinets a fresh white and am in the process of adding and changing a million other things, but more on that later.  

Having everything out in the open I noticed my all white dish collection could use a little darkening up so me and the man picked up a few new cups and bowls from Heath ceramics. Mmmm Heath love.

I love the white coup pieces I already have, but the house doesn't have a dishwasher yet and I drink a TON of tea so the black mugs make dealing with tea and coffee stains a thing of past yay!  I realize after writing that last sentence that I'm maybe a bit more domestic than I had perviously thought...

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