September 23, 2010

Ok so here are a couple of projects that I recently finished.  First Ali's dog bed.  We got her a new round pouf but she really doesn't like it (she likes to stretch out).  She gets really happy whenever we bring the old uggo one out, I hate the thing but Justin seems to think our dog's comfort is of some importance.  As a compromise I drove on down to Michael Levine bought some faux bois fabric and made a cover out of something I think I can live with.  I wish I could have found a fabric just a touch darker so it really blends in with the floor.  (umm ignore how dirty I let the wall get in the before photo...eww on me)
Next the bench.  I bought this old bench a few years back with the intention of fixing it up, only I didn't really know how to go about it.  Instead of researching wood stains and all that jazz (it's really poorly made why waste my time) I took the black paint left over from the teepee design and just painted the thing and sprayed the legs with Krylon spray paint in matte back.  I think it gives the little guy new life. One more step in the process of making my home less frumpy and one more thing I get to check off the list!
...I love lists...

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  1. oh hell. the ugly dog beds are the BANE of my existence. and we have TWO. there MUST be someone around here i can commision to sew some better covers for me.....

    anyways nice work!

  2. i hear ya! if you can't sew maybe you can try a now sew dog bed, kinda like a no sew pillow?
    or you use fabric you like and just cut it to size and safety pin in...i've done this several times, it's actually kinda nice because you can take it off to wash it and if you get sick of the print (which always happens) it's easy to change and doesn't cost a small fortune.
    let me know how it goes!


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