September 21, 2010

Saw this DIY coffee table over at For Me, For You and had to steal the idea.  I've already ordered up the hairpin legs and will be planning a trip to Ikea for the top as soon as they arrive.  I can't wait to get rid of the old mid-century table we have now.  I've been overwhelmed by the feeling lately that my place could use some freshening up and this table will be the perfect first step! 
ps.  I've done a few DIY projects that I still have to take the after pics of and will be posting those soon!

*Just a little side note: I went to Ikea to pick up this top for my new coffee table and learned it was in fact butcher block, I don't know how I missed it (maybe because it was referred to as solid oak in the original blog post), all I do know is I had my first panic attack.  It wasn't just the fact that I drove all the way to Ikea in 90 plus degree weather only to find what I have been dreaming of for the past week doesn't exist, this random woman also stopped in her tracks while I was freaking out (quietly in my head), turned around and said "can I give you my card, I'm sensing something, I'm a physic."  All I could do was stare at her...and proceed to float through the nest half of Ikea like a zombie.  I will be looking for a nice piece of selvedge wood for the top now, thanks to my little sista and my good friend who thank god picked up their phones and talked me through it!  Did I say a little side note, sorry I meant a crazy long rant.*

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  1. yeah. i have seriously been thinking about ditching our coffee table cause it is so big and heavy and takes up a lot of room, and i want things more open?

    thing is... it is a GREAT coffee table. and the first real furniture i ever owned (that was worthwhile) and purchased RIGHT when ben and i moved in together. and i always thought we would have it forever.

    dang. i am emotionally attached to that thing.

  2. Ya know, I had this idea awhile back.. I ordered those hairpin legs, I thought I measured them correctly, but when I got them...they were way too tall for a coffee table, apparently I can't measure. So I failed in my coffee table attempt, but I did make a bedside table with them... :/

    I might need to revisit this for Brooklyn, but I don't wanna part with my danish coffee table! Is it worth it? Should I put the Danish coffee table in the bedroom? Faayyee!

    This is entirely too long.


  3. table in a bedroom??? not unless you have room for a sitting area, do they make bedrooms that big in brooklyn? how bout you take those legs make a bench and put it in the living room along with your lovely coffee table: couch, coffee table 2 chairs on one side and a bench on the other, good for conversations ya know?

    also how did i not know about this little project of yours?

    jamie...strange how all us girls have an attachment to our coffee tables. i'd say give a new one a try if you have room to store the old one?

  4. haha!.. I was thinking more like.. something to put at the foot of the bed.. orrr i dunno. But you are right, Brooklyn apartments are hella small! ( thats right, I said "Hella", take THAT East coast!).

    The legs are really tall, you talkin' bout making a tall bench? You saw the table I'm sure, it was located right next to my door with that orange lamp. I bought a black square table top from Ikea to put them with. I don't like it at all now. What are tall hairpin legs good for?

    We cant let our coffee tables go!

  5. Hi, Can you tell me where can I find the "for me for you" website? Thanks.


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