It's my parent's 29th anniversary today so I thought I would use the song they played at their reception as today's tune.  Happy Anniversary!

ps.  she sewed her own pretty little dress...so cute!


Jenn said...

Nice N' Sleazy?!

Faye you look like your mom. xx

haley ➵ ann said...

aw this is adorable!
your mama is a total BABE!

F▲YE... said...

haha Nice N' Sleazy along with the rest of the album but that one gave me the biggest laugh.

also...i wish jenn!

haley, my mom says thanks :)

Sleepy Darlings said...

Aw Faye your moms such a cutie pie! What great bone structure... i see where you get it

chelsea lee said...

your mom is a total babe...something very Kate Moss about her!

Gypsy Rider said...

wow! your dad look almost the same!! hahaha.. but OMG mom looks so pretty!

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