I'm headed to Mexico next week for a beach wedding and am still missing the perfect shoe to funk up my dress a little bit.  Kinda fell for these guys by Dolce Vita but not sure they'll stand up to the humidity and sand.   
Here's my dress, it's Commes des Gar├žons a la Wasteland, I still need to have the slip pinned so the necklines match up.  And yes that is a white dress I'm wearing to a wedding but thats only because the bride wants it that way.


Jenn said...

Miss Faye! That is a gorg dress! You look stunning xx

F▲YE... said...

smanks jenny-fur! it reminds me of something you would wear.

ckeller said...

OMG this dress kills!

Schnarfle Farms said...

Amazing dress, so perfect! And the shoes complement it perfectly (sigh).
What about a superbly simple pair of havianas and henna pattern on your calves and ankles..?

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