February 28, 2013

photos by me
I've been stuck at home with whatever bug has been going around these last couple days and it's given me time to A. get work done and B. go through projects I have done.  Here's a look at the finished product of a home that I posted a peek of a while back.

I apologize if this post doesn't make sense, I feel like my head is a balloon...

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  1. beautiful work faye! :))) always love your aesthetic. where's the wire side table from in the 2nd row left image from?

    you'd be an amazing person to follow on pinterest!


  2. Beautiful Faye! I cant wait to hire you :)

    Feel Bettah. Balloons are only awesome at parties! xx

  3. thanks christine! the wire side table is from atelier de troupe in los angeles. the table has since been discontinued but could possibly still be found at lawson fenning. here is their website http://atelierdetroupe.com

    also smanks jenn!


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