February 21, 2010

photos by justin kane
Little snippets from my Valentine's day weekend with Justin.  

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  1. Great photos faye! That photo of Justin could be in a magazine. Looks like a wonderful V-day. Where did you find that abandoned curcus playground? What is that you cooked?

  2. thanks jenn! i forgot to credit justin for all of the photos except for the one of him of course...he made me the heart :) The crazy painted playground thing is in Elysian Park just off the main trail. For dinner we made chilean sea bass with mashed potatoes and arugula sauteed with butter and lemon and topped that off with a grapefruit basil salad, oh and i drizzled a little home made tarragon oil for looks...i'm newly obsessed with tarragon!

  3. Very cute cute cuuute. And now Im hungry. *drool

  4. You should write a cookbook. Ill design it :)


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