April 12, 2010

I finally painted the bathroom wall uber dark gray and I'm so glad I did!  I have to admit that the process was really nerve racking and not because I rent the place.  This is the first time I have painted a wall so dark, I felt like I was doing something wrong (when I was younger I desperately wanted to paint my room a color other than white, when my dad finally agreed he picked the lightest shade of yellow, you had to look really hard and then maybe you could tell it was yellow).  Anyway besides the almost nervous break down I'm very happy with it.
p.s. I should probably mention that I was raised in an all white, modern minimalist home where we were not allowed to touch the walls.  It still drives me crazy to this day when someone leans on my walls. Cray cray I know, what can ya do?
Here's a before not bad just a bit too restoration hardware for me.

pss I'm thinking I might change out the sconce shades for the silver tipped light bulbs I have in the rest of the house.

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  1. LOVE! yaaay! Ya know, I have been having this craving to paint my bathroom door BLACK.

  2. there's almost a whole can of paint left...

  3. Oh dayyum .. dont temp me.. hrmm HRM

  4. mmmm! i love it! that first image matches your beautiful new blog header perfectly.

    guess whos probably going to end up at home depot picking out paint swatches tonight... i was on the edge, now you've pushed me over. im gonna do it.

  5. yay christi! if you like this color it's benjamin moore and it's called deep space. i got it at par paint which is really close to your casa!

  6. Is that black? The images look like a more tertiary midnight blue which is even more fantastic in combination with the wooden and white elements.

    Kathy Mc.

    Geez, I don't know what profile to choose. So, I will Google it.


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