Justin and I attended the soft opening of the The Thristy Crow Friday night on a whim and I must say I'm very impressed.  This place used to be Stinker's, a truck stop themed bar, that was so douchy I've only been there twice even though it was walking distance from my casa.  Anywho The Thirsty Crow is a much better fit with better music, warm old timey saloon decor, and yummy drinks (their namesake drink is delicious!).


Jenn said...

It seems I am the only one who hasn't partaken in this bar! So far it looks 1000x better than Stinkers. Lets go grab a jar and cheers!

Faye... said...

maybe if you weren't such a rock star you could be there with us tonight!

Jenn said...

IMA STAHH! *arms up


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