May 21, 2010

I was doing a little shopping at GoodWill the other day (yeah right I'm there everyday) and picked up this amazing pair of trousers that fit like a dream, but I didn't recognize the label.  Anywho to make a short story shorter, I brought them home, Googled the label and it turns out Greyhound Original is this really edgy, super rad label from Thailand!  Who knows how they ended up at GoodWill.  
I also learned that there is a Greyhound Cafe or rather six of them, and Another Hound Cafe, all of which are gorgeously designed in their own unique way.  How inspiring as I am working on a restaurant redesign as well...but I'll save that for when it's something to actually talk about!  For now here are some pics from a few of the restaurants that inspire me.

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