Somehow I found myself at Sunset Bazaar (my go to thrift shop for super amazing deals on everything mid century) anywho, like I said I "found" myself there and then "found"myself driving away with this amazing dining table.  I love it to pieces, it's so sturdy, not to mention heavy, the only thing is it doesn't work in the dining room! Well not with the stools I bought to go with our existing dining table anyway.  I'm at a loss and don't know what to do, especially because I love our current table too and am dreaming of the day I have a dining room big enough for it to stretch out all the way.  Short story long, I need help.  The new table looks amazing when paired with my white tulip chair but to be honest I don't love the thing...suggestions?


Jenn said...

This table is amazing!! .. if ya need to "store" it somewhere until you ya know.. need to back.. i umm.. could totally do that for you! its awesome, nice find!

Ceara.Madelaine said...

oh silly

Nicomi "Nix" Turner said...

I really like you floors and your blog :)

Faye... said...

Thanks Nix! The floors are so old I don't think there's a level place in the house, but they are nice to look at!

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