January 21, 2011

Here are the mood boards for a couple of the projects I have been working on the past few weeks (and the reason I haven't been the best blogger lately).  I am redesigning two recording studios, the first has more of a eclectic, laid back but still put together vibe.  
The second is more of a sophisticated European mens lounge with a little "glitta glamma" for the ladies.  So far everything is still in the getting swatches, measuring walls, and ordering floors stage but I will definitely post the end result when I get there.

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  1. In the second mood board...where did you find that "bad-ass wall mounted light thingy-ma-jiggy"? Thats the technical term.

    Cant WAIT to see the end product. For shizzle.

  2. love the pillows on the first board.

  3. What company makes that flooring? It's just beautiful...

  4. jenn- the lamp is Atelier available at Lawson-Fenning you can customize color and length.
    david john-i love those pillows too they're from Breeze of Anatolia
    lily-the floors are du chateau

  5. Breeze of Anatolia, is new to me.

    I'm off to search them out right now...

    Thanks! and Lawson and Fenning. A favorite store of mine for sure.....

  6. LOVE these moodboards!

    The black and gold lamp in the second one...where are they from? I've been looking for something exactly like that for months!!


  7. the lamp is called the Miss K Table Lamp and can be purchased here:


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