January 20, 2011

What you lookin at? Oh that amazing new skull on my wall...yeah me too...so is my dog (she literally stares at it and groans/cries/gets really close to speaking English cause she wants to eat it so bad).  I finally made it over to Necromance on Melrose and I'm glad I did, they have tons of real and resin antlers and after much ado I settled on the real deal.
Oh!  The sconce is finally gone and patched over!  I'm not in love with the cover but I was even less in love with a sconce dictating where I hung my art, so yay!

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  1. hello record player, just wondering where you came from, because the love of my life would love something just like that. thanks

  2. Totally love the skull but it seems like a very tiny piece for such a very large space of wall. I feel like it gets lost and makes it difficult to see the detail of it. Clearly, I'm not the interior designer.

  3. picklejuice-the record player is gemini


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