February 11, 2011

After searching everywhere for the perfect round coffee table I have decided that it just wasn't meant to be, that and the fact that I rearranged the living room yet again and without a sectional in there a circle just doesn't make as much sense.  Anywho, my brother and his lovely lady  make amazing furniture out of locally sourced reclaimed wood and have agreed to make me the perfect square coffee table top for my hairpin legs.  I cannot wait for my rickety old midcentury table to be gone forever!

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  1. LOVE! wish they were in brooklyn :)

  2. Any chance you will be selling your mid century table? I've been looking for one just like it with no luck...

    Your living area is an inspiration!

    Julia Seiter

  3. I just love the table!
    I am trying to change my house furniture at the moment and your blog is really inspiring :)

    Limonspective <3 xx


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