July 30, 2010

Ever go thrifting and something is just a bit too expensive (and you're with your boyfriend who thinks you buy way too much vintage furniture anyway) so you decide to leave it there and think about it and then when you go back its gone and you realize how amazing it was?  Yeah me too...What super sucks is this has happened to me the past two times first was this "De La Tour" type chair only it was lower and I'm sure it was original, I could just picture it with a sheep skin in the bedroom, then was this^ lamp (pictured on the checkered side table, the bf wasn't there for this one) I knew it was awesome but the wiring made me a little uneasy.  What a bummer.  Either way lessons learned: 1. don't bring the boyfriend shopping because you know he'll be practical and who needs that, 2.  go with your gut and get it, you can always sell it later.

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