July 30, 2010

          Ori Gersht
I love the art we have in the bedroom but they're not, how do you say, relaxing.  I'm now on the look out for something more serene, like the latest work by Ori Gersht. While I know I can't have these, maybe I can swap mine out for some older works... 

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  1. i've learned from the post above this... go ahead. buy it. i won't stop you.

  2. gee thanks, you know i could never afford these!

  3. You may like Michael Todd's landscapes from England. I have a few in my bedroom and they are quite peaceful.

  4. Ori Gersht! YAY. Israeli artist. This blog is giving me trouble finishing my fourth year of architecture school. my last exam is in two day and i can't stop scrolling and paging...


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