March 09, 2010

I saw this spread in the Barneys New York Spring catalogue and immediately thought of the day I met my man.  I was helping Maria with a short film where lots of food including spaghetti was being thrown and he just happened to come along with our other friend Jenn to help out.  I payed him no attention, then swore to myself that we would be friends, and here I am a year later deeply in love with the guy.  Thanks Maria + Jenn.  

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  1. Oh Faye! This is adorable. And you are so welcome. I will take blame. The last time I tried to play matchmaker was in highschool... my physics teacher and my mothers good friend... it did NOT work, in fact, I was waaaay off. So I'm happy that this did! Although I didn't know I was playing match maker at the time. haha. xo

    P.s. We should have a food throwing party for old times sake. Get some noodles between the toes.(ew)

  2. ain't you just the sweetest. i guess my tractor beams worked!

  3. i'm all for making another film in which i get food thrown at me... the pepperoni in my eye was not as cool though. it stung.
    but, you guys could get together again. that's actually pretty amazing and wonderful.
    thanks to YOU guys.


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