March 16, 2010

The newly cleared out office area is making me pretty darn happy.  I picked up this butcher block table top for 20 bucks last week because, well, it was feeling a little too stark and cold and the ugly black speakers that I'm not allowed to touch were standing out way to much.  
Still to do:
-paint over spackled holes
-get cord organizer
-find art /horns for empty wall above monitor
-figure out where to put the million books that used to live on the shelves (they are currently on the floor...i kinda like them there)

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  1. My father had one of those horned things. It was always in our garage...I always loved that thing, even tho it scared me. Then my sister met John, now he has it. Don't ask how they got it! boo huh? BOO!

  2. P.s. The table is fabulous.. and I love how you cleaned up that area!

  3. aww thanks jenn. you i agree on the creepy factor of the horns but for some reason i still want one...maybe its because remodelista told me it was cool...who knows?


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